September 24th Fishing Report

Posted by Jeff Gray on

Fall fishing has started in earnest and the cool nights and warm overcast days have been giving up some typical dry fly action on the Bitterroot and surrounding area waters. The trico hatch is starting to dissipate, which can only lead to larger mayflies, such as Mahogany Duns and Hecubas, which tend to fish better in the afternoons. An October caddis, Hoppers, Ants and Beetles are still in the mix as well. Flows are low on the Bitterroot, so being stealthy can be to your advantage. Long light leaders will generally get you more action and a long drag free drift will get eaten much more frequently than not. Dry dropper or short leash nymphing has been producing fish as well. Stonefly nymphs, PT's, Princes and such will keep you busy. The streamer guys are finding some fish as well. Look for the browns to become more aggressive heading into the fall season. 

Top 5 Dry Flies to have in your box: 

  • #14-16 Purple or Copper Haze       
  • #14-16 Sparkle Dun Mahogany
  • #18-20 Hi-Viz BWO Spinner
  • #18 Extended Body BWO
  • #14 Plan B (Rust/Brown)

Top 5 Nymphs to have in your box

  • #14-18 Tung Jig Pheasant Tail 
  • #12-14 Tung Jig Prince Nymph
  • #8-10 Blk/Coffee Rubberleg
  • #14-16 Tung Jig Duracell 
  • #14-16 Tung Jig Hares Ear


West Fork 113 CFS
Darby 262 CFS
Bell Crossing 263 CFS
Missoula 616 CFS

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