March 30th Fishing Report

Posted by Jeff Gray on


Stable flows and stable fishing conditions can describe this past week here in the Bitterroot Valley. We've seen all of our low land snow disappear and all that's left of the high elevation snow will hopefully stick around for awhile. This will make for very stable conditions for the rest of our spring season. We are seeing good numbers of bugs in the stonefly and mayfly variety - or - at least the fish have seen them. On any given day a well presented Skwala, Numora, March Brown or BWO may get noticed by the unsuspecting trout.  The pressure on the river has been moderate as of lately, and spacing out amongst other anglers will help your success rate.  Don't be the 13th angler down a bank, the fish do wise up eventually. Look for walking speed water in the 3-5 ft depth for best results and don't forget to fish the tail outs, lot of big fish hanging in the back end of the runs looking for an easy meal. 


Darby: 472 CFS  

Bell Crossing: 617 CFS

Near Missoula: 1300 CFS


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