Professional, Hardworking Montana Fly Fishing Guides

Meet the Guides

Core Values

We've secured some of the best fly-fishing guides Montana has to offer. Being a Montana Fly-Fishing Guide is hard work and our guides are expected to not only work hard, but be professional and courteous at all times. Their day starts long before meeting the clients. Tying up a few secret bugs, cleaning gear and conversing about the best area to fish with other guides are all in a day's work. Your personal guide will take you floating or wading on one of Montana's best trout streams in search of large trout.

Andrew Hettick

Andrew has been fishing the Bitterroot since he was knee high to a grass hopper. Over the years he's honed his skills and has become one our fishiest guides on our staff. Andrew still has that excitement when a fish crashes his client's dry fly just like it was his first.  A day with Andrew will be filled with a lot of instruction to get the perfect drift along with an exceptional lunch and many stories to tell your buddies at the end of your trip.

Andrews favorite fly is a Plan B. His dream fishing trip is Taimen Fishing in Mongolia. When he is not fishing, he is always up to something outside. His favorite sports team is the San Francisco 49ers. Andrew loves Montana due to its public access that it provides. His favorite on the river lunch is fried chicken. Andrews favorite hatch on the river throughout the year is Mayflies. He guides out of his NRS dodger and Adipose Flow drift boat.


Lane Blackwood

Lane is from Hamilton, Montana. He has been fly-fishing his entire life. Lanes work ethic and ability to hit the ground running has brought him immediate success in the fly-fishing industry. Lanes professionalism and his constant effort to be on the water have brought him ecstatic clients as well as memories that will last them a lifetime.

When Lane is not on the water, he spends his time chasing mule deer and elk, skiing, and snowmobiling. Lanes favorite sports team is the Montana Grizzlies. He loves Montana because "I get to share the amazing experiences with my family and friends every day in paradise".

When it comes to being on the water Lanes favorite hatch is Trico's and PMD'S. His favorite on the river snack is smoked salmon with crackers. He guides out of his NRS Otter Dodger, his passion and drive in this industry have laid the groundwork for what is already a promising career guiding in Montana's beautiful Bitterroot Valley.


Rob Fontaine

Rob has quickly become one of our most requested guides on staff. With his favorite black lab fishing partner, Dixie, by his side, Rob has a quest to fish every western river in the US. His dedication to his craft is only second to his desire to make you a better angler. Spend a day in the boat with Rob and learn what it really means to be a true Trout Bum! Rob spends his winters in Florida chasing saltwater fish, girls with no tan lines and a buzz fine tuned by a good bottle of scotch.

Rob Guides out of his Adipose Boat Works Hard boat most of the time but can also be found in the sneakier sections running a NRS Otter Dodger Raft.

Rob Fontaine


Robert grew up in a hunting and fishing family in Central Oregon, starting fly fishing at age 9, and began tying flies for his family's sporting goods store soon after.  After High School Robert moved to Missoula, MT in 2003 to chase trout, ski, and spend a lot of hard-earned cash at the University of Montana ​

Since then, he has been happy to call Montana home, having spent the better part of last decade residing in the Bitterroot Valley.  Robert and his wife are happy parents to a rowdy three-year-old girl and the loyal family dog (Fisher).   

When not on the river Robert is a school teacher for the Stevensville School District, teaching K-5 General Music to over three hundred and fifty students every week.  He brings that patient, energetic teacher attitude to the river when guiding and loves to spend the day with both experienced and beginning anglers alike.  When not teaching or guiding, Robert can be found fly fishing somewhere in the state of Montana, or playing saxophone with his jazz quintet.



One of our most requested guides, Troy has been with Freestone Fly Shop for the past 6 Years. He's developed his own set of skills most anglers would be jealous of. Spending over 150 days on the water will get you there. Troy's enthusiasm as well as his culinary skills will keep you coming back asking for more. Troy is extremely passionate about what he does, always going above and beyond to make sure his clients experience authentic Montana fly fishing when spending a day with him. Make sure to schedule your trip early if you would like to fish with Troy, he is usually busy and booked well in advance.



Tucker was born and raised in Hamilton, Montana. Another example of a young man who has the go getter attitude in which he will always land on his feet in this industry. Tucker has the Bitterroot Valley ingrained in his soul. He eats, sleeps, and breathes Montana. An outdoorsman through and through Tucker has spent his entire life getting to know the rivers of Western Montana chasing trout, elk, mule deer, and waterfowl. ​

Tucker plays college football at Carroll College in Helena, Montana. He spends his time off the water hunting and snowmobiling outside of his collegiate football career.

Tucker loves Montana because "I love the outdoors and the adventure that this beautiful place provides".

Tuckers favorite hatch when he is on the water is the Skwala or PMD hatch. His favorite on the river snack is a turkey bacon avocado sandwich.


Richmond "Richie" Champion

Meet one our our newest assets to our crew. You may recognize this name from the rodeo arena as one of the greatest Bronc Riders of all times. He's now putting his stamp on his guiding career as he transitions from bucking chutes to rowers cushion. His hard work and dedication to his craft will have you requesting Richie for every trip. If you want someone who likes to fish from dawn til dusk and doesnt know the term "give up", this is your guy. Dry Fly, Steamers or Nymphs - he does it all, and he does it well.

Richie spends most days rowing his NRS Otter Raft but has recently added an Adipose Boat Works Skiff to his fleet of crafts.

Richmond Champion

Bryan McGravy

Bryan was born in Georgia and moved to Montana for the wonderful opportunities presented by being in the outdoors and doing what he loves every day. Brian has been fly-fishing since 1992 over the course of his 25+ year fly fishing experience Bryan has developed expertise in the sport of fly fishing and has a deep passion for guiding and teaching people how to effectively fish Western Montana's rivers. It's hard to argue with Bryans time on the water, he knows the rivers inside and out!

Bryans favorite fly is the Clowser minnow he dreams of one day being able to head to Cuba to fish. When not guiding Bryan is still on the water boating and adventuring Montana's scenic water ways. He loves Montana simply for "THE OUTDOORS" A interesting fact about Bryan is he spent 6 months on Aleutian Island hunting European rabbits. When it comes to guiding, Bryans favorite hatch is the Salmon Fly hatch. His favorite on the river lunch is fish tacos. He guides out of his Boulder River Skiff Boat.



Capt. Carter Bates grew up in Virginia where he was immersed in the outdoors from an early age Striped Bass in the salt to Trout in the mountains. College and a passion for saltwater fly fishing led him to South Florida. After countless days spent in the shallows of Florida Bay, Biscayne Bay and the Everglades- he decided to become a full-time guide and live in the Florida Keys. A trip to Montana in 2001 to fish with a friend led him back into the trout fishing realm and after years of guiding in the Keys and spending time each summer/fall in Montana he decided to relocate full time to Big Sky Country. He now guides full time in Montana and still spends a month or so guiding clients in Florida. Most of the time you will either find him on the river hunting trout or behind his pointing dogs chasing birds.



Owner and Outfitter of Freestone Fly Shop, Jeff Gray, cut his teeth in the fly-fishing world over 25 years ago on the Bighorn River. Born and raised in Montana has a few perks when you're an avid outdoor seeker. After spending many years helping with the family ranch and hunting every big game, waterfowl and upland bird Montana has to offer, Jeff discovered Fly Fishing. That was the start of something that some might call an obsession.

After many years of perfecting his rowing and fly-fishing skills, it was time to make a career change and Freestone Fly Shop was born.  In 2009 we opened our doors and have never looked back.  Now Jeff, spends over 150 days a year guiding and fishing the rivers of Montana and spending the rest of the time chasing his son, Austin, around the region playing baseball and fishing.  Jeff resides in Hamilton, MT with his lovely wife, Jeannette, his son, Austin and his 2 Labrador retrievers.