February 24, 2024 Fishing Report

Posted by Jeff Gray on

Our first report of the season and it has some good information! With this mild winter we’ve been having there have been amble opportunities to fish the Bitterroot River and judging by the amount of anglers roaming around town many of you have been taking advantage of the weather.  
For now fishing under an indicator is far and away the most effective way, however we’ve heard reliable and seen first hand decent midge fishing in select areas of the river. Even the streamer guys are able to turn some fish if you are persistent. The fish seem to be stacked in the slower deep water and getting down to their level and putting the bug in front of their face is the most important. This time of year they don’t generally expend much energy chasing down food. As the water temps warms, this will undoubtedly change their feeding habits. 

Flies to Have in your box today:
• #8-12 Rubberleg black/coffee   
• #10-12 Pink, Red or Orange San Juan Worm. 
• #16-18 Tung Jug Duracell    
• #16-18 Black or Red Midge Larve 
• #16-18 Tung Jig Prince   
• #16-18 Tung Jig Pheasant Tail   
• #20 Hi-Viz Midge   
• #18 Midge Cluster   
• #6 or 12 Sparkle Minnow   
• #6 Olive Dungeon   
• #8 Olive Bangtail

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